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"Alexiou guides us through this checkered history with gusto." ―The New York Times Book Review


"A delightful read, and a rollicking journey into the early days of Yiddish theater and Jewish life on the Bowery." ―Jewish Book Council


"As Alice Sparberg Alexiou's Devil's Mile shows, the [Bowery] has sheltered actors and prostitutes, punks and millionaires. Reinvention remains its only constant." ―NY Daily News


"A lively portrait of New York's 'other street'...New York buffs, especially those nostalgic for a grittier time, will find this a learned pleasure." —Kirkus Reviews


"With the Bowery as the common thread binding together centuries of stories, Devil's Mile introduces us to the wide-ranging cast of characters—among them functionaries, farmers, artists and toughs—responsible for making Bowery history, then and now." —Kerri Culhane, architectural and urban historian and author, The Bowery National Register of Historic Places Nomination


"Devil's Mile is a terrific read. Alice Sparberg Alexiou knows her history, and she brings it all brimming to life here in the story of the Bowery, the most notorious street America." —Kevin Baker, author of The Big Crowd


"It's a great pleasure to have this detailed and fascinating history of New York's most notorious avenue, the Bowery." —Jim Jarmusch, filmmaker, musician


"Alice Sparberg Alexiou makes us miss the Bowery― more than we ever knew we could." ―The NY Journal of Books